Everyday Objects: Trash

I once read an author’s explanation of how she came up with some of her stories: Look at an ordinary object. Is it really ordinary? Maybe that piece of paper floating on the wind is an alien. Why is it here? What is it looking for? Why does it look like a piece of paper.
I wondered what a piece of trash in the gutter might see. Here’s what I came up with.
I wondered if there should be several vignettes here, but I just went with the one. Is it enough? Any thoughts/criticisms? Let me know in the comments.

Gutter Garbage
Everyday Objects: Trash
I’m a piece of trash. I just lie here in the gutter. The rain falls on me, the cars roll over me, and every day, I degrade a little more. I’ve been here a while. Even though I can’t remember how I got here, I can still remember some of the things I’ve seen.
There’s the old woman who stands on the corner at midday, every day. She leans frailly against the lamp post, cane in one hand, looking for someone to help her cross the street. She grips an offered arm tenaciously when it comes, smiling and chattering all the way across the wide boulevard. I’ve seen her wait a long time for an arm to support her.
I think she’s just waiting for company…

34 thoughts on “Everyday Objects: Trash

  1. powerful writing Guap. It is enough. And so sad – it hits me in the gut. Will my life be reduced to waiting for help to cross the street in order to find human interaction?


  2. My first thought was she was lost, possibly with dementia and thinking she was waiting for someone from years ago.

    I like your ending better, though still very sad for different reasons.


  3. Yeah, I agree with everyone. This was kick you in the gut good. I like the correlation between the discarded piece of trash and the (discarded?) frail woman. They both have a past, even if they can’t remember it, and I’m sure they’re both lonely for company.


    You have issues too. 😉 but that’s a good thing.


  4. I love the way you switch between the trash in the gutter and the old woman – this is a very layered piece of writing with subtle references to being discarded, and that’s not easy to do. Well done, Guap 😀


  5. Well look at you over here! I had no idea you had another blog. After you commented on my recent post, I thought, “Hmm, haven’t seen a post from Guap in a while.” So I went to your usual blog–nothing since May. Then I checked your Twitter profile just to be sure, and I discovered this. Are you trying to hide from me? Ha, found you!


  6. This reminds me of the people in the department stores who talk to themselves a little too loudly. Most people avoid them or complain under their breath, but I always make a point of finding a reason to talk to them. I imagine they are probably lonely, and their interaction with someone in the store may be the only conversation they have all day. Kindness costs me nothing, and I always keep in mind that someday the lonely person in the store could be me.


  7. *looks around* Well hi there, Guap on the new blog. Or new to me. Either way, nice place you got here.

    LOVED this. So much. You used few words, but it said an incredible amount. That takes talent. Kudos.


  8. Very poignant and powerful Guapo. I like this approach… picking an object and writing from that view. A piece of garbage has so much potential, for story telling– you’ve really done a beautiful job here!

    As a side note… I think you started this new blog while I was away– looking at your archive. So, each time I’ve seen a like or comment, I just thought you were reading others, but no longer writing. Arrgh! I’ve gone back to your original blog several times, to check, but never noticed the link to this site, until today… my lucky day. 😉


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