Addicted to Purple (3 October 2014): Origin Story

Check out this weeks challenge at from Rochelle Wissoff-Fields at Addicted to Purple. Read the contributors, maybe add your own!
(The photo for the challenge follows the story.)
I didn’t check out the challenge this week, but read an entry from the very creative SightsNBytes. This exploded almost fully formed in my head.
Fun? For the time it took to spill out of my head and onto the page, definitely. Good? No idea – but I’d like to know what you think.
(Sorry, but you may need to be of a certain age to get this one.)

The plainclothes cop leapt in, even though his mind wasn’t on it. He ducked the first assailant, his mind elsewhere.
Mike Hammer had his guns. Gandalf, a staff. Even Spillane had those eyebrows. He needed something to distinguish himself. He pondered as his body worked on its own, motions his muscles knew by heart. Crouch. Stand as the guy runs past. Snag his collar. Clothesline him down.
One fast punch dropped his partner followed by a foot on the guy’s chest.

He rubbed the sweat off his bald head, lips curling in a grin as the shopkeeper ran up, praising him profusely. He picked a lollipop off the counter, saluting the shop owner before mouthing it.
“Who loves ya, baby?”

Couurtesy of Kent Bonham
Couurtesy of Kent Bonham

35 thoughts on “Addicted to Purple (3 October 2014): Origin Story

  1. So that’s how Kojak got his lollipop. He sure knows his stuff! I wonder where his mind was wandering as he went through his moves. Clever story.


  2. I do my slurping well away from my laptop – an accident would be way tooo expensive! Clever story – I wonder if his teeth rotted before he retired?


  3. I’m tired as all get out so this took me a minute (okay, several minutes) to figure out. But this is you. New place, but I recognized the words. You got the thing, brother. I knew that, Just so you know, I’m smiling right now. I like that….


    • Thanks Cayman. Wanted to keep writing, just thought I’d find somewhere else to do it.
      Only doing stories here, for my own amusement. I figure you’ll understand that.


  4. Dear El Guapo, Kojak! I remember well. What a wonderful interpretation of the prompt – absolutely brilliant writing! I love it. Thanks for the good memory! Nan 🙂


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