Addicted To Purple (19 Sept 2014) – Elevations

Every week, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields does the Friday Fictioneers challenge. This week, the prompt is the picture below, from Dawn Q. Landau. The link will take you to her great story.

Here’s my entry, coming in at 102 words. As always, any suggestions/criticisms/comments are welcome.

Dawn Q. Landau
Dawn Q. LandauT

She walked the site, head down, in silence.
All her work – her site survey, planning, arguments with the client, the design – had come to this. She’d hired builders based on their reputation “Oh, they’re always on time.” “Oh, they’re meticulous.” “Oh, they’ll follow directions to the letter.”
It sounded too good to be true.
It was.
Each space was marked out perfectly. The character of the dividers were exactly as she envisioned them. But due to a monumental cock-up, the plans delivered to them hadn’t included the elevations.

And they’d built exactly to the letter of her drawings.
In only two dimensions.

33 thoughts on “Addicted To Purple (19 Sept 2014) – Elevations

  1. Guapo! Welcome back; it’s been far too long!! Thanks for the link. I love your take on this photo. It does look like she’s walking out a site, or planning something. It’s so intriguing to see where the photo takes each person. Glad you joined in, friend!


  2. Oh dear. Reminds me of working with elementary school kids. Ya gotta be super specific — or else! Loved this — really, really enjoyed the read.


  3. OOPPSS! Sounds like the fellow who built our house. When we walked in and said, “If you don’t change the plan for the stairway we will need a ladder to get to our bedroom.” This is a lovely take.


  4. El Guapo, It seems people who are hired either don’t care or are so afraid of making a mistake that they get ultra literal. I’ve found that you have to check on “everything.” Elevation isn’t something you can just cover up with ivy if a mistake is made. Amusing and well written. 🙂 —Susan


  5. Ha! Nice! Reminds me of one of the buildings in our hospital’s network– they built it according to the blueprint. But backwards. The entrance faces a field and the back of the building is on the main street. Awesome.


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